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The fans just want to kill me

The fans just want to kill me

The fans just want to kill me

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    The fans just want to kill me
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    Never get up
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    Happy Novel
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2023-04-30 02:45:04
Chen Mo passed through, and he was transmitted to the end of the world, where his every move was broadcast live like him, every month a group of unlucky people come to the end of the world and struggle to survive it is full of zombies, strange animals, machinery, strangeness and natural disasters, and a large number of new people die all the time the only thing that can make them avoid danger, survive and become stronger is the various tips that ring in their ears however, these tips are the options voted by earth people with God's perspective through live broadcast software however, Chen Mo seems to have taken the wrong script, and his fans will only choose hell for him... "it's an S-level evaluation again. The end of the world doesn't seem so terrible," said Chen mo is applying to change its name to "what is the experience of not dying in the last world"

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