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Entertainment circle idlers

Entertainment circle idlers

Entertainment circle idlers

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    Entertainment circle idlers
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    Male god
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    Garden Novel
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2023-03-23 21:39:45
"Er er'er, what do you like to get for yourself?" Li Jiji: "give me coupons!" "you'd better go to the supermarket door and shake it. If you understand, brother ran, say it!" Han ran: "... Send her 365 blessings?" Zhang Shan cried and laughed: "sure enough, there's no reason why you two are single. I'll teach you some experience when I leave the hospital." Han ran paused: "how can you protect yourself from death when beaten by your girlfriend?" T-shirt: '?'‘ Brother ran, if you want to mix in the entertainment industry like this, I'm afraid you'll be beaten. " Li Jiji: "can I have dinner?" Han ran: "san'er, you may not be able to eat your table for the time being. Let's eat Li Er's first!" Zhang Shan: "you're tired!" Han ran: "well, serve the people." Li Jiji: "sorry, I was wrong! Can the woman get out? " mysterious lady: "I don't know if I should play..."

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