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The reincarnation of the movie Emperor

The reincarnation of the movie Emperor

The reincarnation of the movie Emperor

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    The reincarnation of the movie Emperor
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    Hui pengpeng
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    18ws Read
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2022-12-06 05:34:39
Su Yi, who was short of money, found a part-time job as an extra actor. Unexpectedly, he unexpectedly started the journey of reincarnation in the heavens in the sewing machine band, he led the band to counter attack the front line and become a new generation of violent drum king of rock and roll in Infernal Affairs 2, he became Luo Ji, Ni Youxiao's bodyguard, saving his life and that of Lu sir when the bullet flew, he let master Tang know how to stand and earn money Dragon suit, special appointment, supporting role, villain, until the protagonist and movie emperor and follow Su Yi to deduce the gratitude and resentment of the world we have finished the old books "the new life of the heavens" and "constant travel to the heavens", which guarantee our moral character and rest assured to enter the pit.

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