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When Li Bai meets Lu Xiaoman

When Li Bai meets Lu Xiaoman

When Li Bai meets Lu Xiaoman

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    When Li Bai meets Lu Xiaoman
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    Writer irvfy2
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2023-04-26 08:32:59
Li Bai is not a poet of the Tang Dynasty. Lu Xiaoman is not a talented woman. Li Bai and Lu Xiaoman are just characters in my novels If Zhong Chunlin represents a pure and kind-hearted female group without foresight and rationality, she pays more attention to men's external and material conditions; Then Lu Xiaoman represents a group of women who are bold, persistent and resilient, and value more men's thoughts and potential. Two kinds of people's life thinking can't say right or wrong, but "birds of a feather flock together, people flock together", what kind of people wear shoes of what size Li Bai, a typical young man of literature and art, loves life, likes traditional Chinese culture and is serious and responsible for his feelings and work. However, due to reality, he had to start a family first. His mother is weak and sick and has a headache. The doctor said that he is too hardworking and his cerebral vessels are not active enough. If he maintains a good mood for a long time, he will heal without medicine. In addition, he is urged by his friends, More importantly, he wants to find a woman suitable for himself, not necessarily a deep love the emergence of Lu Xiaoman seems so appropriate. They all like Sinology and cooking, and also like the hero League. The most important thing is that she likes Li Bai from the bottom of her heart.

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