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Creator 101

Creator 101

Creator 101

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    Creator 101
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    Light driven lactic acid bacteria
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2023-05-15 21:47:44
My name is sun Yao I participated in an eschatological talent show called Genesis 101 this is known as a large-scale God making talent show born to protect the future of mankind all the selected players will inherit human fantasies, accept the beliefs of their people, and get the ability to break through the dimensional wall process synchronization live broadcast... of course, these are not what I care about I'm here just to know can the rebellious figure that has haunted my dream for many years just show up until, I was assigned to my teammates "Hey! Qin Chaochao, don't cry! How did you get elected?" "they... They said that there were enough meals and 2000 credit points, so I signed up! Now I want to go back to the village of Weixing city! Woo..." the spirited racing driver captain, the sick girl killer, the violent mechanical sister and the proud Archer, Only sell cute and funny money fan mascots and... I'm confused six people officially formed a group ... "the voting result was five to one, and from then on our team was called the light chasing girl!" "I object, I'm a man." "sister, the objection is invalid, so it's settled!" "??" everything is the choice of fate ----------------- this book is also known as "I joined the women's League in the last world", "infinite fantasy and chaos", "the watchman at night is too serious" and "stay away from the waves on the other side of the star gate"

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