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The decathlon of the green

The decathlon of the green

The decathlon of the green

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    The decathlon of the green
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    Listen to the rain in the Jianghu
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    Pc Books
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At the end of 2007, Xiamen blue lion was abruptly dissolved, the front-line members sought their own way out, and the youth echelon had no ball to play fortunately, at the age of 16, he has a system that is not too hip pulling... Leadership temperament + 1 right front position specialization + 1 center position specialization + 1 business smell + 1 so Hu Mingyang has gradually embarked on a road of 100 million fans in football since he went to the trial training of the Chinese football team Nanjing, Hamburg, Madrid and London are marked with his genes. His legends are left in clothing brands, catering industry and Internet companies he is the only sports star who dares to publicly ridicule the football association and UEFA. He is the "public enemy" of men all over Europe. He is a regular guest of lace news and the darling of female fans all over the world this is the legend of Hu Mingyang, which makes the light from the East shine all over the world.

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