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A legendary life from Meiman

A legendary life from Meiman

A legendary life from Meiman

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    A legendary life from Meiman
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    Spicy rabbit head fungus
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    Pc Books
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2022-04-24 07:17:18
Water company has launched their superstar products, including motherland people as strong as Superman, locomotive as fast as electricity, shining stars... On the surface, they fight criminals and are known as evil nemesis. In fact, they are not just... as a person who has entered the police system, Watching the daily crime decreasing, Edward felt that he had lived a salted fish life in advance "I don't need to work hard for the rest of my life. In the future, I just need to listen to the news of superheroes fighting criminals every day, and then lie comfortably in the office, krypton krypton gold, draw the lottery!" black robes: "no, you have to be an enemy of water company! Push over water company by force and become a hero!" "no! I don't want to." Edward asked the players of the black robe team picked up their machine guns and thumbed up: don't worry, we'll help you, Der ~

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